Saturday, 23 July 2016

The First Parisot Writing Group Outing

On Thursday the Parisot Writing Group went on its first outing.  The destination was Chateau de Cénevières in The Lot.  The Chateau and the Lot River are the inspiration behind the story one of our members is writing and it was illuminating to see the actual setting for her story and to envisage her characters there.  The owner’s son, Patrick de BRAQUILANGES gave us the tour and it was interesting to get the perspective from someone who had grown up in the chateau.  He showed us a cot that all the Braquilanges babies had slept in.  He offered us a glass of wine at the end, which went down very well!   Afterwards we had a picnic at Calvignac and wandered around the contemporary art structures installed there as part of the Exoplanete Lot exhibition.  We agreed that a summer outing should be a regular feature on the writing group agenda!    

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