Thursday 11 July 2013

Summer is here!

I find it difficult to get down to writing when the sun is shining!  There always seems to be so many other things I would rather be doing and it seems a shame to be cooped up indoors.  While flicking through the July edition of Writing magazine I spotted a useful article on preparing a story for publication.  They suggest that, if you write fiction, you need a literary agent.   The article goes on to list various methods of finding a suitable agent.  One of which is to think of an author you feel is a good match for your work, and find out who their agent is by doing a basic search on the internet.  From here you should find out if they accept unsolicited submissions, who to approach, etc.  So this is what I have started to do.  If I can’t get down to the writing at least I feel I’m doing something constructive!