Monday 3 November 2014

The Importance of Research

Well that’s my excuse for taking an impromptu trip to the Costa Brava at the weekend. We stayed, as we normally do, at Hotel Rosa in the town of Begur.  We did our usual costal walk (see previous posts on my Nine Toed Nomad Blog).  But this time, in addition to walking, I wanted to use the visit for some research.  In my novel in progress, The Gift, I have two scenes set in the cemetery in Begur.  In my mind I had imagined a tiny cemetery perched on top of a hill overlooking the ancient town with the Mediterranean sparkling in the distance.  In reality, the cemetery is located by a mini roundabout on a busy road.  It is enclosed by tall whitewashed walls.  A group of four Cypress trees provide some green relief amongst the white and grey crypts.  The crypts, mostly family ones, are functional in design.  Some are adorned with photos in oval frames.  Some are festooned with plastic flowers.  Walking along the narrow paths, surrounded by the crypts, I felt slightly claustrophobic.  In a small clearing, I sat on a stone bench and pondered where the final resting place would be for one of my characters.  Then I found it.  A much better spot and far less clich├ęd than the one conjured up by my imagination.  Now it’s back to the editing! 
A great bench for contemplation