Tuesday 3 December 2013

The Gift

I’m halfway through draft 4 of The Gift.  While working on this draft I realised that I was missing some scene setting for example, I could clearly see Villa Rosario in my mind and I knew this was the home of the Garcia family, but I hadn’t described it for the reader.  I managed to find some photos of the places I had imagined to help me set the scene.  Rather than have a description of all the characters on a word document I have drawn a plan for each main character on an A3 sheet of paper with their physical description and the important events/people in their life.  I’ve found this has been a great help, especially with the tying up of dates.  It is amazing what one spots when doing a re-draft for example the colour of one of my character’s eyes seems to have changed from blue to brown!     I am wondering if I will ever feel this will be ready!