Wednesday 29 May 2013

The Salvesen Sisters - Work in Progress!

During the last week I have found myself thinking about my story of The Salvesen Sisters no doubt as a result of your encouraging comments. 

The story is fictional, but it will revolve around Agnes Salvesen who was my husband's great Aunt.  In 1913 Agnes travelled to Asia on board the Nord and Trans-Siberian Express.  She kept a travel journal of her journey and it makes fascinating reading.    

I have decided to post the whole opening chapter (see new tab above entitled The Salvesen Sisters).  

My original plan was to set the story in the present day, written from the point of view of the elderly Agnes, who is putting her affairs in order and, in doing so, having flashbacks to 1913.  I then wrote a second version in third person, with just an opening paragraph set in the present day and plan to set the rest of the story in the 1913s.   

At the moment I am torn between the two so I have posted both versions (roughly 2,500 words long). I would be interested to hear which version works best for you.  Either way, I know I've got a lot of work ahead of me! 

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