Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Gift

Last week I completed draft 4 (a month behind the schedule I had set myself!)  I’m now up to 67,000 words.  There are some chapters that I feel are still too weak or too short so I will be re-writing these.  I’m also asking myself if I’ve started the story in the right place.  Anyway, I felt I needed a break from it so yesterday I wrote a short story instead.  It felt liberating to be writing about something else!  Today, I'm starting draft 5! 


  1. As you'll have guessed, I'm doing the rounds of all the blogs I have been neglecting recently!! Good for you. I find redrafting the most difficult thing of all. I had to do it in a week (and add another 10K words) to send it off to the publishers - from whom I'm still waiting to hear. I have been trying to focus on other things and, like you, writing some short stories. Good luck with draft 5!

  2. Thanks Vanessa! I'm hoping to follow your example and finish draft 5 within a week! Not sure I'll be adding another 10k words though.